Podsski FAQ

Do I have to drill holes into my ski or modify it in anyway to fit PodsSki® Jetski attachments?

No, PodsSki® Jetski Attachments are designed to be universally fitted with its unique bracket attachment design so that no modifications or drilling into ski is required, which means no devaluing of your ski, warranty issues and pods can also be transferred to another ski if needed with a simple low cost conversion kit which can be purchased through us.

Can PodsSki® Jetski attachments be DIY fitted?

Absolutely! The purpose of the universal PodsSki® design is to ELIMINATE the need of getting your ski to us for fitment, they are very simple to fit and we are able to ship just about anywhere worldwide!

Does PodsSki® ship internationally?

Sure do! Contact us for a shipping quote and we will be sure to help with that!

Do PodsSki® Jetski attachments add stability to my ski?

Definitely! With 250+ Litres of storage capacity, the pods naturally add buoyancy to the ski when drifting or idling.

Do PodsSki® Jetski attachments affect my ski's handling?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! When the ski is mobile on the plane PodsSki® Jetski attachments sit well out of the water, on some makes & models the pods even sit out the water at idle or drift!

Do PodsSki® Jetski attachments handle well in rough waters?

PodsSki® Jetski attachments have been torture tested in VERY rough and sketchy weather conditions and have exceeded expectations, however with that said, would you really risk your safety going out in anything other than fishable conditions?

How strong are the PodsSki® Jetski brackets?

PodsSki® Jetski attachments consist of 2 brackets per pod, each bracket handled 100kgs/ 220 lbs of upward and downward force without anything close to failure. The brackets are mounted on the gunnel rail which is also used as a lifting point when the Skis are hoisted and are extremely strong.

How many Kgs/ Lb can the pods hold?

PodsSki® Jetski attachments has determined through testing- 50kgs per pod each would be an ideal maximum weight as ‘rule of thumb’, keep in mind having too much in a pod would make it hard to find things. It is also recommended that your items & their weight be distributed evenly across both left and right side pods.